• May Transat (b)log

080513-06.10 UTC Time again for a virtual race on Sailonline.org. This time we will cross the Atlantic in the Transat Race with VO 70. The real race started on Sunday, but this virtual race started monday. Tango always starting slow. I don’t know why. Jepsom is always faster than me in the start. Just now, 12h after start Jepsom is in the lead. Tango is number 29. But there is about 2800 Nm to the US coast and anything can happen…The wind blows at the moment from east but will turn more south in a few hours. Leaderboard >>

080513-17.15 UTC Tango has begun the May Transat less good, but Laiska is behind us, so far. Jepsom had the lead on the leaderboard this morning, but he has now lost to 43rd place. In the lead right now is Polish mac, but it switches quickly. The easterly wind is now turning more towards the north and on any day, it would seem to be little tricky with fronts and light winds. Tango is just now at place 104, Farmor 61 and Mistli 141.

080514-20.00 UTC Who is the weather man? I don’t like the forecasts. Too much changes. Yesterday I took te decision to go south, but now I don’t know if that was right. Let’s see in some days.. Laiska is here, Jepsom is here, CajunQueen is here, in south… Tango is at the moment in 245th place, but in good winds. The light wind area in front of us looks very tricky and intresting. Todays leader is V40. I don’t know who it is. Woodi was in the lead this morning but is now down in 46th place.

080515-16.10 UTC The wind is decreasing and the high pressure in the front of the fleet look big, very big. I think there will be some tricky hours and days. The boats in the north says that the south boats looks good, but I’m not sure that we have the best position to attack the high. Here in south Tango is in company with Clash2, CajunQueen, Grilo and Jepsom, and behind us Laiska is hunting… Some results: 1. ESEA, 2. Nyqvist, 3. Janne, 38. Woodi, 48. Lattjolajbanladan, 74. Janhal, 84. SWE54, 88. Farmor, 149. Mistli, 188. Jepsom, 190. Tango

080516-16.45 UTC Yes! We have passed the centre of the high pressure and the wind is now increasing again. The speed is just now 7.2 knots, TWS 2.8m/s som now the Tango crew feels good! After the wind change we have gained about 40 places, but the northern boats hav more wind up there. In the top of the leaderboard V40 is back, in front of TipX and the swedish Ostra. Nice to see Woodi in number 8th position and Farmor is now number 12. Mistli is 41th, and my brother Jepsom 163, two places in front of Tango. The whole family is in front of me. Now I must go back to real life…

080518-06.22 UTC Sorry readers. No update yesterday. I was busy and tired. But now I’m here again. I can see here on my navigation instruments that we have good speed, just over 11 knots. But the weather situation looks a little bit bad for us, I think. Tango has during the night climbed 40 places in the leaderboard, thats okey, but the future looks tricky with a new high pressure moving in from south west.
I have got a tail. CajunQueen follow every move I make. If I tack, Cajun tacks. Like my brother Jepsom, has a tail named clash2. We have now 630 Nm to the rounding point, the ”ice gate”. Tango, Jepsom, Cajun and Clash2 is south in the big fleet, and it is over 400 Nm to the north boats with Scampimicke and Torvald. The leader is, like yesterday the Swedish Lattjolajbanladan. I can see that Woodi gained som miles on ”Lattjo” and he is now only 1.8 Nm behind. Nice to se that Woodi. The latest race winner, Ironfist is now up in top ten, watch out for Ironfist! A dark night for Farmor and Mistli, they are falling down like a stone in the leaderbord. Farmor is just now 41 and Mistli 101. The ranking leader Laiska has so far got a bad race, just now the finnish boat is at place 157.

080518-17.43 UTC Waiting for the new update of the weather reports. It is very intresting to see which way the two high pressures are going. I have just decided to go… no, I should not say anything about my strategy ;-)
Lattjolajbanladan is still in the lead, and Woodi is in 2nd place. Tango is number 106.

080519-19.00 UTC Yes..I chose the west side of the high pressure. Jepsom and clash2 chose the east side. But in the latest weather update the light wind area is bigger, and that is not good for me. And the wind is turning to south more slow. It is like chess, you must look forward. What happens tomorrow? Tango is just now in place 94. Im not happy with that, but it is nearly half way left of this race. Lattjolajbanladan … How do you say that in english? Crazy funny box maybe? ..he is still number one. Wombat is new in 2nd place, and the Swedish MrSpeed is 3rd. Farmor is in 33rd and Mistli is 80th. And the flying finn, Laiska is still behind us.

080520-19.10 UTC First boat, the Swedish Lattjolajbanladan is just one hour away from the ice gate mark. Behind Lattjo a couple of boats is following. The wind is not turning to west like yesterdays report. Woodi and the eastern boats are not happy about that. They have to tack now. Earlyer this day Woody at a short moment was in the lead. Tango is in 65th place and about 8 hours to the mark. Mistli had a good day and is still in front of Tango. Farmor is in 31th place and Jepsom in the southern pack is in 184th place.

080521-20.40 UTC Only a short report today. Tango passed the ”Ice gate” early this morning. At the moment we hav a nice wind and good speed, 17.5 knots. But I’m a little bit worried about the big High pressure in front of us. But i it good too, it is our chance to climb some positions on the leaderboard.

080522-21.15 UTC No contact with Tango today….

080523-16.20 UTC Back again. Yesterday we had some elecricity problems, and we could not communicate with land. Tango is going well and at the moment we are in place 23. It is only 90 Nm to land, Halifax and it is soon time to tack south. It is nearly 230 Nm to the finish in Boston, and we hope that we can climb som places in the leaderboard. Lattjolajbanladan is still in the lead, 60 Nm in front of us. In second place we find Xinanhook. Farmor is in 16th just one place ahead of Laiska, the finnish star. Some miles behind Tango Mistli have a big fight against Bwha, Xthyra and Akje. In Sweden The 40ft Tango sail the Gotland Runt Sailplanner, and is just now in the lead in front of CajunQueen.

080524-17.45 UTC Hello sailors. On board Tango we celebrate today. In Sweden the 40 foot Tango take the second place in Gotland Runt Sailplanner. The winner was the belgian CajunQueen. Congratulations to Cajun! In third place we find Farmor, and it was Farmors ”PB”. Very good Farmor! A new Swedish boat, KentK took the 4th place. Well done KentK. Note that three of the top four didn’t used Sailplanner ;-) Here in the May Transat the fleet approaching the finnish. There is round 100 Nm left to Boston now. Early this morning Lattjolajban lost the lead and SWE54 took over the No one position. Farmor is now in 12th, just behind Laiska. Tangosailing is at the moment 21th, Mistli is 39 and Jepsom 123. The wind will decrease during the night and, maybe, Tango can climb some places om the leaderboard.

080525-19.10 UTC Hello Boston! Here we are! At least we arriwed to Boston. Yesterday we go a little bit too much south. We lost nine places in the last 20 hours. Congrats to SWE54 who take the victory in this race, just ahead of Lattjolajbanladan. Farmor took the 19th place, Tango 29th and Mistli is just outside Boston, in 44th position. Very Good Mistli. I think you have learn alot of sailing strategy in this race. Brother Jepsom is in 105th place with 155 Nm left to Boston. So whats happens now? Maybe some beers and drinks on the pub. And then we are all waiting for the next race…but first some sleep. C U all, and thx for a good race. Just now I can see woodi crossing the finnish line as number 34.


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  1. Krister Gustafsson
    13 maj, 2008 at 23:14

    Hello Tango,

    Good luck in the race. I´m sailing Figaro for the first time in Sailonline. I´m in the 53rd place at the moment close to you but moving backwards in the Leaderboard list. I will gybe in an hour and after that I think I will advance in the race.

  2. 18 maj, 2008 at 14:51

    Hey Tango!

    Nice to have the honor to get named in your blogg :-). Good luck in the rest of the race.


  3. Erik Bidö
    20 maj, 2008 at 01:26

    Hi Tango,

    Did you know that Lattjolajbanlådan is also an Express that I had for 18 years. 51st place in SM 1989 in Öregrund shortly behind Peter Sundelin and Magnus Olin for example…

    Nice blog and good sight overall!


  4. 24 maj, 2008 at 05:03

    Hi Tango, thanks very much to place a link to Cajun Queen in your Transat blog. Gotland seems to be a tuff race between Tango and Cajun Queen! We are racing now for almost 20 hrs with a difference < 0.1 nm…
    And as you already now, for every SOL sailor, we offer a free cocktail when they come to Antwerp ! ;)



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